The world can be a crazy and confusing place, but always remember - you are special just the way you are, and you can do anything you want. So chill out, be the energy you want to attract and don‘t give a fuck. Freedom is a state of mind. Own it!


Our mission is to prioritise self-love in everyday life. We create products, that help to accentuate Your most charming features. By Karolina Meschino brand is accompanied by a slogan “No Risk, No Magic”, which is an everyday stimulus to be brave, try and to discover new things. 

Brand’s creative director is a well known influencer and TV host Karolina Meschino. She has been recognised as the top influencer of Lithuania according to “Lithuanian influencer ratings” and was elected as the most stylish woman by the fashion magazine “L‘OFFICIEL Lithuania“. She says: “While creating I denude myself, sense, what I see and how I live at the moment. Describing my style is almost impossible, even for me, sometimes it seems that the term doesn’t even exist yet. I create, what I personally like and what I would love to have in my closet. While creating I not only seek inspiration from the latest trends, but also reflect my wants or get inspiration from the biggest designers in the world.”

How would our relationship change if we lived on Mars? Futuristic love with fear, adrenaline or a sense of freedom?