The world can be a crazy and confusing place, but always remember - you are special just the way you are, and you can do anything you want. So chill out, be the energy you want to attract and don‘t give a fuck. Freedom is a state of mind. Own it!


Influencer and TV host, is a creator of her personal brand „Karolina Meschino“ and a creative director of a new clothing line - an echo to all dreamers. The collection embraces freedom, courage and invites everyone to believe in themselves and live up to their dreams.

Karolina Meschino is the winner of award for „Best Influencer in Lithuania“ by „Lithuanian influencers rating“, a reporter of the singing competition „The Voice Lithuania“, for two years in a row was recognised as the „Most Stylish Woman“ by „L‘Officiel Lithuania“ magazine, is an ambassador of several world-renowned brands such as ADIDAS, Coca-Cola, ALDO, H&M. In addition, she has also stepped foot into the Fine Jewelry market by co-creating a special „Marry Me“ engagement rings collection with certified diamond factory and jewellery brand „The Factory by Ribas“.

How would our relationship change if we lived on Mars? Futuristic love with fear, adrenaline or a sense of freedom?